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Physical Education - Teacher Licensure

About the Physical Education Program

Learn By Doing

You'll learn from exposure to professionals in the field and experience in real world situations. In the Foundations course career professionals come into the classroom, and in each of five separate methods classes including dance, elementary physical education, team sports, individual sports, and fitness activities, you'll have the opportunity to observe, interact with, and teach children in authentic environments in schools and in the community. You'll participate in both a practicum and a student teaching experience, so that by the time you graduate you'll already have multiple professional experiences to reference.


Our program provides the opportunities to gain a diverse and varied set of skills, experiences, and credentials. Choosing the Developmental Adapted Physical Education (DAPE) minor fulfills the licensure requirements of the State of Minnesota for Developmental Adapted Physical Education which will greatly increase your employment potential. You may choose to pursue a dual license in both Health and Physical Education opening up more teaching options. We also offer a specialist program in coaching. Working together with your faculty advisor you'll plan your academic career to ensure that you have the background and experiences that best fit your career goals.