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Welcome to Computer Science at BSU

About Computer Science

The study of computer science involves becoming a top-notch problem solver. The process begins by learning techniques for problem solving. The solutions computer scientists focus on tend to be processes for solving the problem. Once the process for solving the problem is identified, it is generalized so that solution will work regardless of the specific values that are given as part of the problem. The next step is to describe your solution--your process for solving the problem--to others, so that they can use your solution to solve similar problems.

Since computers, at their core, manipulate information, computer science is mostly concerned with problems that are based on information. In today's world, that's a lot of problems from a wide variety of domains! An important part of solving computing problems is to understand the limitations imposed by the computer and how it manipulates information so that your solution can be converted into a process that the computer understands. This type of process is called an algorithm. Finally, the algorithm is converted into a program, so that it can be compiled and run on the computer.

The BSU Computer Science Program

The faculty in Bemidji State's Computer Science program are dedicated to the intellectual development of every student. Our introductory courses focus on developing individual problem solving abilities. Throughout our curriculum students experience a variety of team projects that help them develop technical, inter-personal and professional abilities that will serve them well long after they have graduated from Bemidji State. Students pursue their studies with a high degree of integrity, thus preparing themselves for a future that will demand that they continue to learn and develop on their own. As part of a university with an emphasis on liberal education, we offer the opportunity for our computer science students to engage in problems from across campus.