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Session l


Group One Chance a Data  
Group Two Probability Task  
Group Three Lesson Plans Census Data  
Group Four Feather Flip  
Group Five Performance Package Probability  
Group Six Bottle Cap Toss  
Group Seven M&M Math  
Group Eight Drawing Blocks  
Group Nine Genetics  
Group Ten Experimental and Theoretical  
Group Eleven Object Toss  
Group Twelve Performance Package Task Five  
Group Thirteen Traffic Probability  
Group Four-teen Spinner Design  
Group Fifth-teen Probability  
Group Six-teen Gumball Mania  
Group Seven-teen Skittles  

Discrete Mathematics

Group One Arrays  
Group Two Fun Park Excursion  
Group Three Rainbow Bush  
Group Four Lesson Plans  
Group Five Deal of the Cards  
Group Six Lining Up  
Group Seven Pizza Combinations  
Group Eight Combination Codes Home Security  
Group Nine Hexaflexagon  
Group Ten Beading Colors  
Group Eleven Fraction Flags  
Group Twelve Moving on a Grid  
Group Thirteen Shortest Route  
Group Four-teen Sports League Standards  
Group Fifth-teen Geometric Shapes  
Group Six-teen Home to X marks the spot  
Group Seven-teen Performace Package Discreet  
Group Eight-teen Telephone Numbers  


Session ll


Group One Fractals Grad Standards  
Group Two Lesson Plans One inch grid  
Group Three Geo-Panes  
Group Four Tessellation Lesson Plans  
Group Five Building Models  
Group Six Performance Package  
Group Seven Red Lake Performance Package  
Group Eight Math with a Mira  
Group Nine Lesson Plans  
Group Ten Space, Shape, and Measurement  
Group Eleven Pentominoes  
Group Twelve Creating Escher-Like Tessellations  
Group Thirteen Patchwork Quilt  
Group Four-teen Toothpick Shapes  
Group Fifth-teen Exploration with four toothpicks  
Group Six-teen Geometry Lesson Plans  
Group Seven-teen Create-a-net Lesson Plans  
Group Eight-teen Bathroom Floor Plan  
Group Nine-teen Tangram Puzzles  
Group Twenty Identifing and Drawing Polygrams  
Group Twenty One Building Polygons  
Group Twenty Two Becoming a Pro Math Teacher II  
Group Twenty Three Floor Tiling  

Data Investigations

Group One Lesson Plans  
Group Two M&Ms from Mars  
Group Three How Many?  
Group Four Lesson Plans  
Group Five Mystery Graph  
Group Six Performance Package  
Group Seven Performance Package Data  
Group Eight Chocolate Chip  
Group Nine Stem and Leaf Notes  
Group Ten Data Collection and Scatter Plots  
Group Eleven Lesson Plan Outlines  
Group Twelve Lesson Plans  
Group Thirteen Shoe Lengths  
Group Four-teen Pie Graph Surveys  
Group Fifth-teen Data and Graphing Lesson Plans  
Group Six-teen Data Investigations  
Group Seven-teen Sixth Grade Student Survey  
Group Eight-teen Lesson Plans  
Group Nine-teen A Lost Button  
Group Twenty Summer 1999  
Group Twenty one Plans  


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