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Session l


Group One Spinners  
Group Two Probability  
Group Three Probability Lesson Plans  
Group Four Flipping for Fun  
Group Five The Hog Game  
Group Six Punnett Square  
Group Seven Probability  
Group Eight Spinner Sum Predictions  
Group Nine Probability Project 2000  
Group Ten Button Bar  
Group Eleven Designer Genes  
Group Twelve Probability Lesson Plans  
Group Thirteen Montana Red Dog  
Group Four-teen Probability  
Group Fifth-teen Probability  
Group Six-teen Experimental and Theoretical  

Discrete Mathematics

Group One Discrete Math  
Group Two Pants and Socks  
Group Three Planning a Party  
Group Four Discrete  
Group Five Tournaments  
Group Six Booby Trap  
Group Seven Paths and Circuits  
Group Eight Discrete Project 2000  
Group Nine Jeans  
Group Ten Elementary Discrete Math  
Group Eleven Restaurants  
Group Twelve Multiplication Principle  
Group Thirteen Patterns of Change  
Group Four-teen The CLOUD Project  
Group Fifth-teen Towers  
Group Six-teen Lesson Plans  


Session ll


Group One Slides, Rotattions, and Reflections  
Group Two Geometric Beadwork  
Group Three ISSMATH  
Group Four Tessellations  
Group Five Tournaments  
Group Six Gift Wrap Symmetry  
Group Seven Tangram  
Group Eight Constructions Cubed  
Group Nine Geo-logo Lesson  
Group Ten Petroglyph  
Group Eleven Geometry Lessons Plans  
Group Twelve Fraction Flags  
Group Thirteen Geometry  
Group Four-teen Geometry  
Group Fifth-teen Geo Quilt  
Group Six-teen Moon Flower Garden  
Group Seven-teen Patterns & Shapes  
Group Eight-teen Own Room  
Group Nine-teen World of Shapes  
Group Twenty Lesson Plans  

Data Investigations

Group One Data Catergorization  
Group Two Weather Map  
Group Three Prediction Tables  
Group Four Graphs  
Group Five Water Conservation  
Group Six Digging Up Data  
Group Seven Height  
Group Eight Chance and Data  
Group Nine Data Interp  
Group Ten Data Inverstigation  
Group Eleven Data  
Group Twelve Graphs  
Group Thirteen Hot Lunch  
Group Four-teen ISSMATH  
Group Fifth-teen Project 2000  
Group Six-teen My Own Pitctograph  
Group Seven-teen What do we mean?  
Group Eight-teen Yearbook  



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