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Session l


Group One Probability Unit Plan  
Group Two What Are the Chances?  
Group Three Project Outline  
Group Four Chance  
Group Five Probability Stats  
Group Six What Are the Odds?  
Group Seven Spinners  

Discrete Mathematics

Group One Discrete Lesson Plans  
Group Two Problem Solving  
Group Three Exponetial Growth  
Group Four Hamilton Circuits & Paths Venn Diagrams  
Group Five Operator & Patterns  
Group Six Discrete Mathematics  


Session ll


Group One Panther Gardens  
Group Two Geometry Unit  
Group Three Geometry Lesson Plans  
Group Four Lesson Plans  
Group Five Geometry Lesson Plans  
Group Six Area of Irregular Figures  
Group Seven Lesson Plans for Geometry  
Group Eight 2nd Grade Geometry  
Group Nine 5th Grade Geometry  
Group Ten Lesson Plans  

Data Investigations

Group One Our Own Investigations  
Group Two Data Analysis  
Group Three Data Lesson Plans  
Group Four Graphing Fun  
Group Five Snorkeling  
Group Six Pre-calculus  
Group Seven Lessons Plans for Data  
Group Eight 5th Grade Data  
Group Nine Talking Graphs  
Group Ten Graphing Lesson Plans  



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