Voltage is the student Electronic Music MIDI Ensemble at BSU and is under the direction of the music department’s adjunct music technology instructor, Mr. Greg Gaston.

Participation is open to all students through an audition with the director at the start of each semester. The group regularly rehearses Tuesday and Thursday from 2:00-2:50. One college credit may be earned through registration.

Voltage has performed internationally in Weifang, China and is always in demand for various performances throughout the community.

The unique music performed by the group is realized by utilizing totally electric instruments including EWI, MalletKat, synthesizers, guitars, basses, sequences, samples, loops, Wavedrum, Octapad and sampled MIDI percussion.

Each member must have a basic understanding of MIDI and digital audio, Successful completion of MUS-3501, “Music Technology I” is highly recommended but not required. A high degree of performance skills, especially improvisation in various genres of contemporary music is a necessity.

Voltage is continually seeking out new and innovative original music to perform from composers. Please email scores to ggaston@bemidjistate.edu.

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