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Jeanette Moe-Pearce Memorial Scholarship


The annual earnings generated from the Fund shall fund annual "Jeanette Moe- Pearce Memorial Scholarships" will be awarded to students attending Bemidji State University and who are majoring in nursing. The scholarships could be awarded in successive years to the same students if they remain in good standing and are progressing toward graduation.

Eligibility Considerations

  1. GPA minimum of 2.5
  2. Formal admission to the BSU Nursing Program.
  3. Current enrollment in BSU nursing courses.
  4. Intention to complete a baccalaureate degree with a major in nursing.\
  5. Financial need.
  6. Academic ability at a level that will positively reflect upon the nursing profession and the BSU Nursing Program.
  7. Will be enrolled in up-coming academic year for an average of 5 credits (not limited to nursing credits) per semester (10 for the academic year), as the scholarship is for the NEXT academic year.


  1. Students must apply to the Nursing Department's Student Admissions, Progression and Concerns Committee, which will make the decision on the scholarship award.
  2. Submit a BSU Nursing Department Scholarship Application to the SAPC Committee addressing all of the eligibility considerations above.
  3. Scholarship applications are due on December 15 of each year, and the scholarship shall be awarded for the following academic year.
  4. The Committee may determine not to award any scholarship should applicants not meet required standard.