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Application Criteria: 4-Year Track

Admission to BSU   

Students must be admitted to Bemidji State University prior to applying for admission to the nursing major. Applications to the Nursing program are accepted from August 15 - September 15. Official transcripts of credits transferred from other post secondary schools must be available in the BSU Admissions Office by September 15 to be considered for admittance to the nursing major. Apply to BSU Online.

Application to Nursing Major

Admission to the nursing major is a separate process from admission to Bemidji State University. Admission to the nursing major is required in order to enroll in selected spring semester sophomore and all upper division nursing courses. Students wishing to apply for admission to the nursing major should: 

  • Obtain an application from the Department of Nursing office or download an application.
  • Submit a completed application to the Department of Nursing office no later than September 15 to be considered for acceptance into the nursing major for spring semester.
  • Be enrolled in (or have taken) NRSG 2000 when submitting an application.

A Nursing representative is available (either by phone or in person) to answer questions related to the application process by contacting the Department of Nursing.

Admission Consideration

For admission consideration, applicants must have:

  • Completed at least 30 semester credits from an accredited college or university, including the required non-nursing courses listed below:
    • BIOL 1110  Human Biology-4 credits with lab
    • PSY 1100   Introduction to Psychology-4 credits
    • PSY 3237   Lifespan Psychology-4 credits
    • BIOL 2110 Human Anatomy & Physiology-5 credits with lab
    • CHEM 1111 General Chemistry I-4 credits with lab
    • The above listed courses must have been completed within the last 5 years or will need to be retaken for a grade. A grade of C or higher is required in the designated pre-requisite courses for admission to the nursing major.  If a grade of C or above is not earned the first time the course is taken, a grade of C or above must be earned the second time the course is taken. A pre-nursing student may repeat a pre-requisite class for admission to the nursing major once and only once for the purpose of improving a C or lower grade. All pre-requisite and support courses must be taken for a letter grade: Pass/No Pass is not acceptable.
  • A cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher (on a 4.0 scale) and satisfactory completion of all designated required courses. These criteria are required to apply to the major, but do not guarantee admission to the major.
  • Two references from teachers, counselors, or employers. At least one of the two references must be from an individual who can directly speak to the student's academic ability. The other may be from an employer or person who can provide data on the student's personal characteristics. Family members are not appropriate references. The two reference forms must each be in a sealed envelope, signed by the individual completing the reference with his/her signature across the seal. Reference forms must be submitted with the application.
  • Transcript with proof of a completed Nursing Assistant Course (Licensed Practical Nurse license waives the CNA requirement) and Allied Health American Heart Association Health Care Provider CPR certification (infant/child/adult). Students must submit a photocopy of their transcript and CPR certificate with the application.
  • Taken or be enrolled in NRSG 2000 and NRSG 2004.

Admission to Major

Admission to the nursing major is competitive and limited. Admission is dependent on the total number of applications received and consideration of the following factors:

  • GPA is an important factor but not the only factor considered for admission into the program; a standardized entrance exam (TEAS), personal interview, and references will be included in the admission criteria.
  • International Students and all students that graduate from a high school outside of the United States must meet these minimum National Council of State Boards of Nursing TOEFL scores:

    • TOEFL written overall score of 560
    • TOEFL CBT overall score of 220
    • TOEFL iBT overall score of 83
  • A rank ordering of qualified candidates will be completed as follows and included in the selection process:
    • Students who enter Bemidji State University as first-semester freshmen and identify nursing as their major upon entrance to BSU (and meet all of the admission requirements) are given priority in the admission process.
    • Students who transfer to BSU with more than 24 credits.
  • Students interested in making formal application to the major may be invited to come to the department after September 15 to write an essay about their interest in nursing and another topic that the department has chosen. An interview with nursing faculty members may also be arranged.

Acceptance Process

The Department of Nursing will begin reviewing applications immediately after the September 15 deadline. After that date, additional requirements including the written essay, TEAS test and possible interview with faculty will be arranged. The Admissions Committee will notify students of their status after all qualified applicants have completed the admissions process. Both the entrance test (TEAS) and the admissions interview will be facilitated by the department; however, students are responsible for the completion of the requirements. Students must make arrangements to become available should the need arise. Extenuating circumstances may be considered.