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Clinical Resource Center Naming Opportunities

Health Care Suits ($25,000 each) 

Bemidji State University's Department of Nursing is proud to introduce the Clinical Resource Center and coordinating clinical practice suites. The five Health Care Suites represent Pediatrics, Obstetrics, Medical-Surgical Nursing, Intensive Care nursing and Home Care. Command Central, the innovative and progressive electronic medical record system that will be built into each of the care suites, will be housed in the Computer Lab. Each suite features state of the art equipment and simulation aids to represent each specific specialty practice area. 

Health Assessment Units (5) $20,000 each 

This space will provide students an opportunity to develop skills in obtaining comprehensive health histories and conducting physical exams on clients/patients across the lifespan, preparing students to work in rural health care settings throughout Minnesota and beyond.

Simulator/Performance Room $40,000 

The Simulation/Performance area allows students the opportunity to participate in health care scenarios similar to what they will find in caring for patients in a variety of health care settings. It is here where nursing skills will be demonstrated, practiced and perfected. This space provides both controls for the simulation software and mannequins as well as a demonstration area for teaching nursing techniques to an entire classroom of students.

Lab Coordinator Office $30,000 

A full-time lab coordinator oversees the entire facility, including scheduling, supplies, and technology maintenance. The location of this office will be easily accessible to the rest of the facility.

Classroom $75,000 

A thirty seat classroom serves as the central lecture and education facility. This room looks directly into the simulation/performance area, so that students may observe the techniques being taught directly on the simulation mannequin.

Seminar Rooms (3) $40,000 each 

After participating in interactive teaching and learning sessions in the health assessment rooms and/or the health care suites, students can break out into small teams of up to 10 students to discuss cases and nursing care, led by student team leaders and/or nursing faculty.

Command Central $35,000 

Students have access to a state of the art computer lab within the Clinical Resource Center facility. This allows students the opportunity to participate in working with an electronic medical record (EMR) and complete projects with direct access to specialty software that is in close proximity to the health care suites.

For More Information

To learn more about naming opportunities at the University, please contact:

Joe Czapiewski
Director of Development
College of Social and Natural Sciences