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Scholarships in Physics/Science

Ray Breen Scholarship:  $800 for major in a physical science.

Andrew Brown - Physics Emeriti Scholarship:  $650 for Physics major, sophomore or above with GPA 3.2 or above.

Gordon/Lindgren/Marathon Oil Scholarship:  $500 for Junior or Senior majoring in Physics or Engineering Physics.

Wes Winter Scholarship:  $450 for junior or senior Physics major.

Harold T. Peters Scholarship:  $400 to Sophomore, Junior or Senior with GPA 3.0 majoring in a science area

Henderson, Patton, Jones Memorial Scholarship:  $400 Junior or Senior majoring in a science area.

LeRoy Erickson Scholarship:  $300 for Science Education major with GPA ≥ 2.5 with demonstrated need.

Otter Tail Power Engineering Physics Scholarship:  $300 to outstanding Engineering Physics major.

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