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Advising Coordinator
Bensen Hall 332
(218) 755-3781

MTLE POLICY CHANGE: October 22, 2013

Students entering Professional Education are required to take all parts of the MTLE Basic Skills Test in order to register for Education Courses.

Students are not required to pass the MTLE Basic Skills Tests in order to complete their Education degree. The Minnesota Department of Education requires passing scores on all sections of the MTLE Basic Skills, Pedagogy and Content Area Tests before they will issue full-time teaching licenses.

Professional Education will be sending out a letter (in the next two weeks) to students who are not currently enrolled in Education courses as a result of the previous policy. This letter will allow the department to gather information to help prepare for the influx of students. 

Please contact Aspen Easterling, Advising Coordinator, with any questions regarding this policy change.

D2L Professional Education Advising Center

If you are currently enrolled in Education Courses you are also enrolled in the D2L Professional Education Advising Center. PEAC is a D2L shell with helpful links, a discussion section for questions, and it's a great place to connect with other Education students.