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Clinical Experiences

The Clinical Experiences Office is part of the Department of Professional Education at Bemidji State University. Its mission is to provide quality field experiences and student teaching experiences for all education students.

Student Teacher Placement


Application Deadline for Spring 2015 Student Teaching is Oct. 15, 2014. All paperwork must be turned in to the Clinical Experiences Office by then.

All clinical experiences placements are arranged by the Director of Clinical Experiences. During the course of ED 4799, students are given placements in local surrounding schools. Student teachers are not placed in schools from which they graduated. Student teachers are placed in school districts which have contracted with Bemidji State University to receive student teachers. Other options available for placement include:

  • Minnesota Common Market enables a student to teach at a site which another Minnesota university places student teachers. This program provides a university supervisor from a cooperating university just as you would have from BSU.  Common Market is available with Winona State University.
  • Aldine, Texas is 15 miles north of Houston. It is a diverse school district and offers preschool through grade 12 options.
  • Student teaching abroad is offered through Winona State University working in conjunction with Educators Abroad.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is required for all education students. The Education program requires many different and varied forms of field experiences in school classrooms. During the course of these experiences, you may encounter situations which could involve legal actions in which you could be held personally liable for damages. Liability insurance is for your protection. Liability insurance will provide protection for the vast majority of lawsuits and is mandatory before you enter the classroom. Field experiences will be arranged only for students who provide verification of the liability insurance requirement.

Bemidji State University Education students fulfill the liability insurance requirement through a private insurance company of their choice or purchase through the Education Minnesota Student Program, associated with the National Education Association. NEA provides $1 million in professional liability coverage and offers many other advantages as well. Cost is $25 per year for the period of September 1 to August 31.

Liability insurance through the Education Minnesota Student Program can be purchased on-line using a credit card. Go to Education Minnesota, on the left, click on Student Members, then click on join online. Then complete the online student application. Proof of enrollment is emailed to the Clinical Experience Office from Education Minnesota on a weekly basis. If purchasing by check, the application and payment can be accomplished in the Clinical Experiences Office, BE Room 326.

Teaching Careers

Visit the Career Services website to view the many job seeking tools or EdPost Listings sponsored by St. Cloud State University.

For Minnesota Teacher Licensure Testing information visit Bemidji State University MTLE website or MTLE.