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Current Students

Welcome to the Department of Professional Education at Bemidji State University!  

We are excited to work with you. Our versatile faculty is dedicated to supporting you with excellent teacher-training experiences through coursework and supervised pre-K-12 classroom opportunities. We will work very hard to ensure your growth and success as you endeavor to meet your personal and professional goals.

Our Vision of a Teacher

A teacher is a reflective practitioner who nurtures the potential of individuals through knowledge of child, adolescent, and adult development. The teacher addresses the diversity of student needs in our multicultural society and effectively meshes the methodologies, theories, concepts, and principles constituting the art and science of education.

Working from a pedagogical and academic knowledge base, the professional teacher integrates these elements into effective strategies that promote learning. A teacher is a life-long learner who works with students, colleagues, administrators, other professionals, parents and families to evaluate the ongoing educational process. Collaboration leads to the enrichment of all involved and cultivates meaningful personal and professional growth.

We hope you will see a reflection of this vision in yourself as you pursue your dream of becoming a teacher, or as you continue your life-long journey of learning.

Conceptual Framework 

Professional Education programs revolve around the Conceptional Framework. 


Several handbooks are available to you for guidance through the Department of Professional Education.


An online set of tools just for you.

Teacher Resources

Additional information for educators.