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Professional Education

Liability Insurance Verification

       Liability insurance is for your protection and is required for all field experiences.  During the course of your field experiences, you may encounter situations which could involve legal actions in which you could be held personally liable for damages. Liability insurance will provide protection for the vast majority of lawsuits and is mandatory before you enter the classroom.  Liability insurance can be obtained through a private insurance company or by purchasing through the Education Minnesota Student Program.  Student Program cost is $25 for the period September 1, 2014 to August 31, 2015.  Read carefully and select the correct year of coverage.

Education Minnesota Student Program Web Enrollment

Liability insurance can be purchased on-line using web-based enrollment.  A credit or debit card from Visa, MasterCard or Discover and access to a printer are needed.  The system is part of the National Education Association.  The web-based enrollment gives students the ability to apply for membership at any time, from any location, and the insurance becomes effective immediately.  If you need to pay by check, please contact the Clinical Experiences Office, EA 326.

Log on to

§  On the left, click  Student Members

§  Click  Join online for 2014-15

§   Then click  Apply online

§  Choose  Enroll for the Next Membership Year, September 1, 2014 to August 31, 2015.  Select the correct year carefully as no refunds will be given.


After completing the on-line application, you will get a verification page with your ID number.  Print the verification page.  This is verification that you are a member of the Student Program of Education Minnesota.

Within two week’s you should be able to log back onto Education Minnesota’s website, register using your own username and password to begin saving money and learning more about education and Education Minnesota.

Your member ID is your member number.  You should receive a membership card in the mail in 6-8 weeks after applying online.  By registering on-line, you will receive one-year free subscription to Instruction MagazineYou will receive $20 back for every year you were a student member as long as the local is affiliated with NEA.


The Clinical Experience office receives weekly email updates listing all students who have purchased liability insurance through Education Minnesota.  There is no need to provide a copy of your insurance verification to the Clinical Experience office.  You will be notified by email if we do not get the appropriate verification from Education Minnesota prior to your clinical experience.