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Basic Skills Test

The Basic Skills test is a set of basic competency tests in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. Teacher candidates must provide the Department of Education with evidence of having taken these tests before being allowed to register for Education courses. 

For more information concerning the basic skills test, consult the MTLE website.

Passing Scores

The MTLE Basic Skills Test has replaced the PPST/Praxis I exam for Minnesota Professional Education programs; however, the following information will continue to apply:

PPST/Praxis I (For tests taken prior to September 1, 2010; scores accepted until December 31, 2015)

  • Reading - 173
  • Math - 171
  • Writing - 172

MTLE Basic Skills Test passing scores are set by the Minnesota Board of Teaching.  Passing scores for all MTLE tests:

  • Reading - 240
  • Math - 240
  • Writing - 240

Preparation Materials

Preparation materials are available on the MTLE website. MTLE also provides general preparation information, including test taking strategies.



PPST/Praxis I Exam Substitutions and End Dates

If you completed a  PPST/Praxis I Basic Skills Test before September 1, 2010, the Board of Teaching will accept passing scores until December 31, 2015.

Candidates may use a combination of Praxis and MTLE scores, as long as the Praxis scores fall within the timeline defined above.