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Minnesota State Teaching and Licensure Standards

Teaching involves both knowledge and understanding of content, and understanding and the ability to effect student learning of that content. To this end, the teacher preparation program standards adopted in Spring 2000, required preparation institutions to provide programs that emphasize the following.

Standards of Effective Practice

These standards concern the nature of the learner and the teaching strategies to connect them (Minnesota Standards of Effective Practice for Teachers standards #2-10). The expertise needed by all beginning teachers is stated in a set of performance-based standards that embody the knowledge and skill all teachers need to practice responsibly.

Subject Matter Standard

This standard concerns the nature of the subject matter (Minnesota Standards of Effective Practice for Teachers Standard #1). Subject matter standards for each licensure field define minimum essential understandings and knowledge necessary for entry into practice. The specific standards comprising the subject matter standards are unique to each field.

Specific Licensure Standards

The following documents describe how licensure standards are met in specific courses in each of the program areas.  This information is particularly designed for students so they can see how they have met the standards for their programs.

For more information, visit the Minnesota Board of Teaching or Minnesota Department of Education website.