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Emotional Behavioral Disorders Licensure Program

Please notice: There are significant changes coming to the EBD program.  Please review the attached document.

The license in Emotional/Behavioral Disorders (EBD) qualifies a teacher to provide instruction for students with emotional/behavioral disorders in grades K-12 in the State of Minnesota. 

Courses in the EBD licensure program provide the skills necessary to design and implement individualized education program plans for students with emotional/behavioral disorders. Skills in collaboration and consultation enable licensed teachers to work with families, other classroom and special education teachers, and specialized service providers in the development of educational programs.

NOTE: Undergraduates may elect to take some courses while working on their undergraduate degree, which will will apply to their special education licensure after graduation; however, all course work taken at the undergraduate level will be ineligible for credit toward any graduate degree, including Master of Science in Special Education. 

Undergraduate students should work in consultation with their advisor before enrolling in a special education course.  For more information on the EBD licensure program, consult the BSU Graduate Catalog.

To download the Plan of Study Form CLICK HERE.

For questions about EBD licensure, contact:

Dr. Judy Olson
Professional Education Department