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Master of Science Special Education Program

Application Deadline for Fall 2013: January 15, 2013

ATTENTION SPED LICENSURE STUDENTS: If you began your licensure program before Fall of 2012 you only have until December 31, 2014 to apply for your Special Education License. This means you must complete all of your coursework and MTLE tests by this fall.

The Master of Science (MS) Special Education degree is a research-based degree that emphasizes a scholarly understanding of the field and provides graduate students with a broad base of knowledge about students with special needs, as well as programming strategies for those students. In addition to the program's common core competencies, the MS Special Education program requires the completion of a Scholarly Activity. 

Consult the BSU Graduate Catalog for additional program and course information.

NOTE: We are not offering the Master of Special Education (MSPED), a different special education master's degree, at this time.

Common Core Competencies
Requirements for Admission
Course Rotation
SLD and EBD Licenses
Contact Information

Common Core Competencies

As a foundation for the program, BSU emphasizes performance-based standards for teacher preparation established by the Minnesota Board of Teaching and the Council for Exceptional Children. The CEC standards address eight areas of common core competencies identified by experts in the field of special education.

  1. Philosophical, Historical, and Legal Foundations of Special Education
  2. Characteristics of Learners
  3. Assessment, Diagnosis, and Evaluation
  4. Instructional Content and Practice
  5. Planning and Managing the Teaching and Learning Environment
  6. Managing Student Behavior and Social Interaction Skills
  7. Communication and Collaborative Partnerships
  8. Professional and Ethical Practices

For more information on CEC standards, consult the Council for Exceptional Children website.

Requirements for Admission

An undergraduate degree in education and a valid teaching license are required for admission to the MS Special Education program. Please note: If you do NOT have a current standard MN teaching license, you will need to complete the Standard of Effective Practice (SEP) courses, complete student teaching, and complete all exams as required by the MN Board of Teaching and/or MN Dept of Education. 

For information on requirements for graduate admission, contact the School of Graduate Studies.

Course Rotation

We are currently revising our Course Rotation.

Consult the BSU Graduate Catalog for additional program and course information.

SLD and EBD Licensures

Coursework for the degree parallels the coursework for the SLD and EBD licensure programs. We encourage students to apply for admission to the MS in Special Education when they begin the EBD or SLD license. For the most part, students who have completed a licensure program may complete the Master of Science in Special Education by completing the scholarly requirement. 

For more information on Special Education licenses, consult the Special Education Licensure page. 

For more information, or for students who do not have a current MN teaching license and wish to take SEP course on campus, contact:
Dr. Janne Lillestol

For students who do not have a current MN teaching license and wish to take SEP course online, contact:
Miriam White