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TaskStream is an online set of tools used by faculty and students to manage data for the Professional Education Department.  Each student in the Department of Professional Education throughout his/her program. Each student is required to purchase a subscription to TaskStream within the first week of education course work through the BSU Book Store. Students must maintain this subscription during their time in the Department of Professional Education and may choose to extend it beyond that time due to the many benefits.

Terms to Know

DRF (Directed Response Folio):   An electronic portfolio structure in which requirements have already been set up to define submission requirements for all students. Students can submit but cannot change the structure.

DRF Program: A group of users (students and faculty) into which one must be enrolled in order to access the correct DRF(s) for your academic program. Once enrolled, students can create/upload requirements to a DRF and submit them for evaluation, and faculty can then evaluate the submissions.

Self-Enrollment Code: A code provided to students when they purchase their subscription so that they can enroll themselves into the correct DRF programs.

Author: The author is someone who creates things within the structure of an existing DRF and submits them to reviewers and/or evaluators. In most cases, Author=Student.

Evaluator: The individual instructor(s) who evaluate the students' work, including key assignments, professional dispositions, forms, etc. Students must submit the work for evaluation through the DRF before an Evaluator can access it. Once submitted for evaluation, the work is locked, preventing the student from revising it. If revisions need to be made, the evaluator must send the work back to the author through the TaskStream evaluation process.


Getting Started

Purchase your subscription to TaskStream upon or prior to the beginning of your first term in Department of Professional Education

TaskStream Requirements and Tools

Every student in every program in the Department of Professional Education is required to use TaskStream for the following:
  • Submitting Practicum/Field Experience documentation
  • Submitting Key Assignments as directed by your instructor

In addition, depending on program, maybe required to use or want to use TaskStream for one or more of the following:

  • Student Reflections
  • Lesson Plans
  • Unit Plans
  • Creating Rubrics
  • Creating Web Pages   
  • Creating Professional Portfolios *

* Note: Students can make copies of their program DRFs and turn them into professional presentation portfolios. In these copies, students can change structure, content, design, etc. as they see fit. The copies will not contain the DRF instructions, evaluation scores, or Reviewer comments. 

For assistance using TaskStream see contact information below.


Faculty use TaskStream to assist in assessing, evaluating, recording, and communicating student progress in relation to desired learning outcomes, national and local standards, and professional dispositions.

Contact Information for TaskStream


Phone: (800) 311-5656
Hours (CST):

  • Monday - Thursday:  7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Friday:  7:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sunday:  5:00 PM – 10:00 PM