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Bachelor of Science/Arts in Psychology at Arrowhead University in Hibbing, Minnesota

The Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology available through Arrowhead University (AU) program requires 128 credits for the four-year degree (including AA degree credits). Forty-three of these credits (1/3 of the 128) must be upper division level courses from Bemidji State University. All classes are held at Hibbing Community College from 6-10 p.m. or online.

We are no longer accepting new students in this degree completion program.  Students who are currently admitted and enrolled in the program will be able to complete the courses as they are offered, through the Spring of 2015.

Planned course offerings on the Hibbing Community College campus through Spring Semester 2015 are listed below.

 Fall 2014 Semester

  • PSY 3332 Counseling and Crisis Interventions
  • PSY 3337 Group Processes
  • PSY 4587 Advanced Topics: Criminal Psychology (Online)

 Spring 2015 Semester

  • PSY 4467 Personality Theories
  • PSY 3357 Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • PSY 4328 Behavioral and Cognitive Interventions

Additional online classes may be available. See the schedule of planed courses on the BSU Department of Psychology web page

For more information about completing this program, contact one of the following.

Dr. Chad Scott

Hibbing Program Coordinator and Advisor

(218) 290-7301


Dr. Laurie Desiderato

BSU Program Director

(218) 755-2945


The BSU Center for Extended Learning

(218) 755-2068 | toll-free (800) 852-7422