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General Guidelines for Agency Supervision

Interns should provide their supervisors with copies of the Information for Agency Supervisors, the intern's goals and objectives, and the evaluation form at the beginning of the internship.

The intern will be expected to receive a minimum of two hours of supervision per week of the Internship. One of the hours must be direct scheduled supervision: one-on-one with the supervisor in their office, and the other may be ongoing, daily contact or in staff meetings. Many agencies conduct weekly staffings of two to three hours, but this is not to replace the 1:1 scheduled time.

The content and process of 1:1 supervision is flexible. Typically it involves a weekly discussion of the intern?s activities, skill development, adjustment to the agency, and their progress on the goals and objectives. The intern may be expected to come to supervision prepared with an agenda, questions, and examples of work.

Supervisors are encouraged to add to the internship experience by sharing their perspectives on treatment philosophy, management philosophy, ethical issues confronting human service providers in their agency, career issues, and other relevant issues faced by human service providers.

The intern should provide the supervisor with a copy of the Agency Intern Evaluation Form (Appendix D in the Internship Guide). This is to be discussed by both the intern and the site supervisor, completed near the end of the internship, and returned to the BSU faculty supervisor. The intern can return it with other required documents, or it can be mailed directly. It is important that this evaluation form be returned in a timely manner because interns cannot receive credit for their internship until this is received.