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General Requirements for Internship

Note: These requirements are independent from your specific internship goals and activities.

  1. Agency Paper or other major project.
    * For the agency paper, follow the outline provided in Appendix B of the Pre-Internship syllabus. Typed.

  2. Log of experiences: Not an itinerary of ordinary activities or events, but a daily record of your cognitive and affective responses throughout the day. Learn to access various dimensions of your experiences and articulate them so that patterns can be identified and your awareness of each experience is increased beyond mere participation and observation. Think of high points, critical events and new activities during your day that you can respond to. Look for overarching themes (such as ethical concerns) relevant to your becoming a professional.

  3. Two practical projects: Plan to engage in activities which result in you completing or producing something of use to the agency. Examples are: conference reports, research, activity schedules, lesson plans, brochures, in-services, training experiences, record-keeping systems, rewriting internship or policy manuals.

  4. Completed evaluation from agency supervisor at the end of the internship. This should be sent to your BSU internship supervisor during the last week of the internship.

  5. A return visit to BSU to meet with other interns, the faculty, and students who are interested in hearing about your internship experience. Ask your BSU supervisor for the date.

* Psychology majors may substitute a review of literature or original research project of some interest or use to the agency instead of submitting the "agency paper."