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Jim Rafferty
Rafferty Scholarship(s)

The Rafferty scholarship(s) were originally endowed by Mr. Kirk Gregg, a BSU Psychology major and currently Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer for Corning Inc. Mr. Gregg announced the endowment on the 25th anniversary of his graduation from BSU; the scholarships were given in my name because of the impact that Kirk felt I had on his life as an undergraduate at BSU. The endowment was intended to award two $2500 scholarships each year to outstanding students majoring in Psychology. Preference is given to applicants demonstrating an interest in research psychology. Because of the financial turmoil, one award of $3200 was made in 2014-15. Congratulations to Katie Sandquist - the 2014-15 awardee!

2013-14 Poster (.pdf)

2013-14 Application (.doc)