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Concurrent Enrollment

for High School Students

University courses in your own high school classroom.

Calling all academically talented juniors and seniors. Bemidji State University is offering you the opportunity to get a head start on college without leaving your friends or activities. It's called BSU in the Schools. If you're a qualified junior or senior you can take real BSU courses in your own high school classroom. You'll earn college credit at the same time you fulfill your high school graduation requirements. Best of all, it's free!  Read more about the BSU in the Schools program.

Two for the price of one none.

You're smart. You know that deals like this are hard to come by. BSU in the Schools classes do double duty, fulfilling both high school graduation requirements, and earning university credit at the same time. On top of that you'll save about $600 for every concurrent enrollment course you take.

Let's go over that again:

  • One course
  • Double the credit
  • Tuition free
  • Wow.

Be a BSU student . . . Now.

It's the best of both worlds. Enjoy your last two years of high school and be enrolled as a BSU student. You'll get a BSU student ID, be able to use the campus library and have your own student email account. That's not all . . . Find out more about student benefits and requirements.

Teachers you know.

The classes you take are taught by your school's teachers. They receive special training at BSU and work with a BSU faculty member to make sure that the courses you take are every bit as challenging as ones offered on campus. Teachers: learn more about teaching BSU in the Schools courses.

Schools win too.

The BSU in the Schools concurrent enrollment program is a partnership between BSU and high schools. By participating, schools show they are committed to expanding opportunities for both students and teachers. Schools: find out more about partnering with BSU.

  • Take BSU classes at your high school
  • Stay close to friends and activities
  • Get a head start, and save money too!


Still have questions? Click here for answers to some common questions about the BSU in the Schools program.