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Concurrent Enrollment

for High School Students

Real BSU classes.

Every class offered through the BSU in the schools program meets Bemidji State University's high standards for academic excellence. Classes offer the same challenging coursework as classes taught on campus, and you'll earn university credit that can be applied to your degree at BSU or transferred to another university.


  • Have been approved through BSU's regular course approval process
  • Are supervised by a faculty member from the BSU department sponsoring the class
  • Use the same teaching methods and grading standards as on-campus classes

Excellent classes . . . excellent teachers.

A class is really only as good as its teacher. That's why we make sure that your teacher has been given the tools and training they need to teach BSU courses.

Classes are taught by qualified teachers from your school who:

  • Meet program eligibility standards
  • Have received additional training in curriculum, college teaching techniques, and BSU academic policies
  • Work along side a BSU faculty mentor on course content and grading standards

BSU faculty mentors are there to help.

Every concurrent enrollment course is assigned a BSU faculty mentor who works with your high school teacher. BSU attracts faculty from around the world of the highest caliber. Our faculty includes  published authors and scholars who have excelled in their fields. And over 80% of our faculty in all colleges hold terminal degrees (MA or PhD) in their field.

  • Classes meet BSU's standards for excellence
  • Teachers are trained to live up to BSU academic standards
  • Test yourself in a college environment


Still have questions? Click here for answers to some common questions about the BSU in the Schools program.