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Concurrent Enrollment

for High School Students


Benefits for Schools

The BSU in the Schools Concurrent Enrollment Program is a partnership between the University and participating high schools. Through this partnership schools demonstrate a commitment to expanding opportunities for both students and teachers, and receive many benefits by doing so including:

  • Offering eligible students the opportunity to take university coursework
  • Offering curriculum to students that otherwise may not be available
  • Providing professional development opportunities to teachers
  • Developing collegial interaction between high school and BSU faculty members
  • Partnering with Bemidji State University, an institution recognized for innovative and relevant educational programs

For more information see: Program Overview.

Schools or school districts interested in partnering with Bemidji State University should contact the Program Coordinator.

  • Partner with an outstanding educational institution
  • Expand opportunities for students and teachers
  • Be on the cutting edge of a fast growing educational movement


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