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Concurrent Enrollment

for High School Students

Be a BSU Student.

When you enroll in the BSU in the schools program you'll be admitted as a student to Bemidji State University. For every class you complete you'll earn BSU credit and receive an official university transcript that can be applied to your degree at BSU or transferred to another institution.  You'll also get many of the same privileges as on campus students.

You'll get a BSU ID so you can:

  • Check out materials from the library
  • Receive student rates at campus events
  • Gain admission to University facilities available for student use, including student computer labs
  • Use the BSU library both on-campus and online

Then there's all the free stuff you'll get.


  • A free BSU student e-mail account
  • Tuition free classes
  • Free textbooks and other course materials (they're provided by your high school!)

Okay, sounds great. Who's eligible?

Eligible students are currently enrolled seniors in the top 50% of their class or score at or above the 50th percentile on a nationally standardized test (ACT or SAT) and currently enrolled juniors in the upper one third of their class or score at or above the 70th percentile on a nationally standardized test (ACT or SAT).

Approval must be granted by your high school counselor and the instructor of each course prior to a determination of admission.

You're ready for the responsibility.

Students must meet all academic standards and course requirements as established by the University and sponsoring academic department. High school students enrolled in the program are subject to the same student conduct and academic honesty policy standards as are other Bemidji State University students.

For more information on student responsibilities see:
Bemidji State University Student Guide

  • You'll be a BSU student
  • You'll have access to the campus library and other student-only facilities
  • You'll get a student e-mail account


Still have questions? Click here for answers to some common questions about the BSU in the Schools program.