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Certificate in Online Teaching

Online (9 credits)

For K-12 and post-secondary teachers

Create an effective online learning environment for your students in K-12 and post-secondary education.  The certificate in online teaching will provide you with a foundation in distance learning history, instructional design and hands-on development of online courses.  Course work will help you develop learning objectives, courses and projects using technology skills and tools.

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Transferable credits for graduate degree
Courses completed for the Certificate in Online Teaching may be transferred to a Department of Professional Education graduate degree program

Students who plan to complete a graduate degree should work with a BSU adviser, as well an official from their own school. (their school of employment? Unclear.) The Certificate in Online Teaching, together with 5-10 additional credits in a teaching discipline, will complete the 14-19 credits in an emphasis area required for a graduate degree.  

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