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DLiTE Program
Bemidji State University
ARCC - Coon Rapids Campus
11200 Mississippi Blvd. NW #H-137
Coon Rapids, MN  55433

Phone: (800) 723-3567
Direct: (763) 433-1484
Fax: (763) 433- 1485


What exactly is the DLiTE Program?

The DLiTE program is an online elementary education teacher licensure program, cohort-based, 6-semester course of study that culminates in a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education.

How often does a new cohort begin?

Each Spring (January) and Fall (August-September) Semester

How long is the program and can it be completed sooner than scheduled?

The DLiTE Program is a three year program, regardless of having an AA or BS, BA degree.  The program follows the course of study

When is student teaching done and is it in person or online?

Student teaching is completed the last semester of the program (semester 6) and is assigned to the student in the area they live.  Student teaching is done in person in a K-6 public elementary school.

What is the minimum GPA for admittance?

The minimum cumulative GPA for admittance to the DLiTE Program is 2.5

How much is tuition for the DLiTE Program?

Tuition is per credit, per semester, and is approximately $276 per credit.

How do I choose a mentor and who qualifies?

  • The mentor teacher with whom you will work must be licensed in the area in which you are seeking licensure. For instance, if you are seeking a K-6 license, your mentor needs to be licensed K-6.  The mentor also needs to be currently teaching in a public school and have at least three years experience.  The mentor will be required to provide their license number. click here for more Mentor'

How often do we meet face-to-face and where do we meet?

The face-to-face meetings are mandatory attendance and take place at the Anoka Ramsey Community College - Coon Rapids Campus.  We meet each August, December, and May to start the courses and take the finals each semester.  The meetings are scheduled Friday-Sunday.

What if I have previously taken courses that may be equivalencies to the courses required?

If you have questions regarding education transfer credits or have advising issues, please contact our DLiTE Advisor, Lisa Schmitz .  Please be sure to view The Program of Study which lists the specific courses and the credits and check your courses for equivalencies prior to making the call.  Keep in mind the courses you will be taking in the DLiTE Program are education courses specific to licensure so not many will transfer unless they are equivalencies to these courses.