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  • Student Teaching on a Limited License:

    Once you have entered FasTrack, you can start applying for jobs. The SCHOOL applies for a Limited License for you.

    You will be able to remain in your appointment with pay during student teaching. You still need a university supervisor, a cooperating teacher and you will be required to complete all student teaching competencies, as required by the Board of Teaching. We can reduce the time to 10 weeks. If you are coming to the end of a 3 year limited license your school can request an extension.

    Online Teaching Appointments.

    Schools are desperate for teachers who can develop and deliver online curriculum. You will be qualified when you have completed the FasTrack program. 

    Technology skills are paramount in almost all workplaces today.  This means that they are even more important to teachers as they are preparing the workforce of tomorrow to be successful in may ways demanded of a 21st century workplace.  One of the most important and critical aspects of our hybrid/online design is the integration of technology at the point of instruction.  You do NOT need to be a computer wizard at the outset of your course of study.  However, as a result of our instructional format, you WILL gain the skills and tools needed for you to deliver instruction in a traditional classroom as well as embed the skills that will prepare you for designing and delivering instruction in an online environment.  As K-12 schools embrace digital instructional delivery more and more frequently, this will put you at an advantage over many other Teacher Candidates as you enter a job search and interview for a position in your future classroom.


Q.  When should I align my transcript for content (Math, Science etc.) with the Bemidji content requirements?

A. Before you apply.  Make sure your coursework already taken is in alignment OR understand that you will need to take courses!

Q.  When should I take the MTLE Basic skills test?

A. NOW…your MTLE Basic Skills Tests must be completed with scores on file for you to start the program.

QWhen can I look for a job?

A. As soon as you join the FasTrack program.  The schools can hire you on a limited license. THEY must apply for a Limited License, not you.

QWill I have to student teach?

A. Yes, but if you are on a Limited License, you will be able to fulfill that requirement at your school job.

QDo you offer Special Education?

A. Yes, but you will have at least 10 more courses to take to earn that license. You may use any four year college degree to enter the Special Education licensure program.

Q.  When do I take ED3000?

  A. It must be completed the semester BEFORE you start the FasTrack courses.

Q.  Can I enroll in FasTrack and get a license to teach if I have an Early Childhood, Art, Business, Home Economics, Industrial Technology, etc. degree? 

A.  We currently are offering the opportunity to add a secondary teaching licensure to a degree you already hold in Science, Math, English, Social Studies, Physical Education, and Health. (Special Education as well, but this is addressed separately.) Other areas, such as Music, Media Studies, and English as a Second Language may be available in the future, but the aforementioned areas are our primary focus at this time.

Q.  If I have a degree in one area such as history and want to be licensed in a new discipline, such as Math, can I get a license in that new area through FasTrack?

A.  You can, but only after you have completed all coursework in the new discipline.  You will need to take ALL the undergraduate content required in the new area and this will be a second degree.  This should only be done with the advice and full support of the Bemidji State University Content Coordinator in the new area and will substantially extend the time and investment required for you to finish all coursework involved for your new degree in addition to FasTrack coursework. 

Q.  What do you mean by “Hybrid/Online”?

A.  We meet face-to-face in Coon Rapids each semester to start your courses with your instructors and cohort members.  Everyone returns home and works online until we meet again (f2f) at the end of each semester to take your finals.  The f2f meetings are typically Friday through Sunday and take place in August, December, and May.

Q.  Who should I choose as my Teacher Mentor?

A.  You must find a practicing mentor who lives in your area and is currently teaching in your field of study BEFORE you are fully admitted to FasTrack PostBac. Your mentor will receive $100 stipend per semester.  The time commitment will be 3-5 hours per month.  (Your Mentor must have a 5-year continuing education license with at least 3 years of fulltime teaching experience). The mentor is the most powerful aspect of our FasTrack PostBac design. Choose your mentor carefully.

Q.  Can I pick and choose the courses I take each semester?

            A.  No.  We follow the Program of Study along with your cohort.

Q.  Do I qualify for a Teach Grant ?

A.  You may, but only if you are also formally admitted into one of the TEACH Grant eligible graduate master’s degree programs at BSU:  MS-Elementary & Middle Level Mathematics Education, MS-Mathematics, MS- Science (5th-8th grade), MS-Special Education, or Master of Special Education-Special Education.