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FasTrack PostBac Secondary Initiative Pathway to Admission:

Bemidji has been partnering with the state for six years in the secondary licensure portfolio option but our new Initiative is an easy five-step pathway to licensure.

  1. Apply to Bemidji State University - click here to apply as a Graduate Certificate/Licensure student, and select the “FasTrack PostBac, GC” from a dropdown menu.  You will also need to select your concentration(s) area at this time.
  2. Register for ED3000. You need to register for ED 3000 BEFORE starting the FasTrack Courses.This is rolling admissions, this means you may start immediately and finish at your pace (usually in less than four weeks). Bemidji has designed a pre-requisite course, ED3000 Introduction to the Teaching Profession (3 credits), for the purpose of helping you discover if your previously earned degree (for example, Chemistry) meets the Bemidji State University content competencies.  In this course, you will receive a transcript review so you know EXACTLY what additional coursework you may need in your area of expertise (for example, Chemistry) in order to meet the Minnesota State Department of Education required competencies. You may NOT need any additional coursework.  ED3000 will also orient you to the culture of Secondary Education and help you register for your MTLE Basic Skills Test, find your mentor and apply for the FasTrack PostBac Initiative. Register for ED 3000-95 

    Contents of ED3000: D2L Tutorial, Transcript Review, Why FasTrack?, The Power of the Discussion Board, Secondary Hire Statistics, FasTrack PostBac Design and Hire stories with guests, Digital Delivery Methodologies, Why MTLE and TPA?, Why Mentors?, and finally, How to Apply to FasTrack PostBac.   Complete ED3000 – This course includes a transcript review for your content (chemistry, English etc.).

  3. Complete the MTLE Basic Skills test

    IMPORTANT -  YOU MUST TAKE (not pass) THE STATE REQUIRED BASIC SKILLS TESTS MTLE BEFORE ADMISSION. (IF you passed the PPST BEFORE Sept. 1 2010 you may use that but the scores must be sent DIRECTLY to Bemidji from the testing e service. Please visit the MTLE Testing Site

  4. You must find a practicing mentor who is currently teaching in your field of study.  BEFORE you are fully admitted to FasTrack PostBac. Your mentor will receive $100 stipend per semester.  The time commitment will be 3-5 hours per month.  (Your Mentor must have a 5-year continuing education license with at least 3 years of fulltime teaching experience). The mentor is the most powerful aspect of our FasTrack PostBac design. Choose your mentor carefully.

  5. Complete Standards of Effective Practice Coursework (SEP’s)

FasTrack PostBac Program of Study

ED 3000 Introduction to FasTrack 1- 3 Credits

ED 5100 Intro to Foundations of Public School Education    3 credits       
ED 5110 Educational Psychology   3 credits
TOTAL   9 credits

ED 5350 Pedagogy: Planning for Instruction    3 credits             
ED 5140 Human Relations in Education   3 credits                    
ED 5780 Adaptation/Management: Dsgn Learning Evmt   3 credits
TOTAL    9  credits
HLTH 3400 Health & Drugs in Society   2 credits
ED 5737 Content Area Reading    3 credits
*XXXX  Secondary Methods       3-9 credits
ED 5799 The Professional Teacher   1 credit                        
TOTAL     9-15  credits
ED 5820 Student Teaching – Elementary  12 credits
or ED 5830 Student Teaching – Secondary  12 credits
or ED 5840 Student Teaching – Special Fields  12 credits
TOTAL     12 credits

* You must take your content methods courses in semester two and/or three.  No MDE portfolio development!

Ready to apply?

If you are interested in taking your first step towards joining the FasTrack PostBac Initiative, please review ED3000 by clicking here