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Steps to Licensure for FasTrack PostBac Initiative:

Review the requirements then follow the steps below to begin your journey to licensure through The FasTrack PostBac Initiative.

  1. Apply to Bemidji State University - click here to apply as a Graduate Certificate/Licensure student, and select the “FasTrack PostBac, GC” from a dropdown menu.  You will also need to select your concentration(s) area at this time..  

    Returning to the New FasTrack?   For those students who have previously applied to the FasTrack program, you do not necessarily need to reapply.  * Contact the School of Graduate Studies concerning your previous application to FasTrack, or your previous Graduate Special Student status, and we will set you up to start the new FasTrack PostBac program.  If you have any issues with GPA, immunizations,  financial aid or outstanding debt to any MnSCU institution, you will need to resolve that before you can register for ED3000.

    * Complete and submit the Graduate Reactivation Form by email attachment to Once received by the School of Graduate Studies, you will be contacted concerning your reactivation.  Updated student contact information may be necessary.  If you did not take courses under your previous registration, your file may have been purged.  If this is the case, you will need to submit a Graduate Special Student application in hard copy to participate in the FasTrack PostBac program. Students who have previously applied at the Graduate Level will not be charged a new application fee.

  2. Register for ED 3000 95 Introduction to Fastrack, and complete the three credit course 

    2014 registration deadlines for ED 3000:  Spring - April 15th, Summer - July 17th, Fall - Dec. 3.

  3. Take the MTLE Basic Skills Tests and submit to BSU

  4. Secure a Practicing Teacher Mentor in your content licensure and complete the mentor application in full with all signatures.  Be sure to read the Mentor Responsibilities.  Once complete, scan and email to FasTrack

  5. Complete Standards of Effective Practice Coursework (SEP’s) Courses