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ED 3000 Introduction to the Teaching Profession

One of the first requirements for application to the FasTrack PostBac Initiative is registering for the ED 3000 course

ED 3000 Introduction to the Teaching Profession (3 Credits)*

*  Breakdown of ED 3000 Credits

  • 3 Credits - For all FasTrack students who are seeking licensure in a content area through BSU
  • 2 credits if you are pursuing FasTrack and Special Ed - you do not have the transcript review in ED 3000, but rather with Miriam White in the introductory course to SPED.
  • 2 credits Media Specialist students from St. Cloud State Partnership - you do not have the transcript review as part of ED 3000 as you will get all content from St. Cloud State and we will be delivering only the SEPs through FasTrack.

Bemidji has designed a pre-requisite course, ED3000 Introduction to the Teaching Profession, for the purpose of helping you discover if your previously earned degree (for example, Chemistry) meets the Bemidji State University content competencies.

In this course, you will receive a transcript review so you know EXACTLY what additional coursework you may need in your area of expertise (for example, Chemistry) in order to meet the Minnesota State Department of Education required competencies. It's very possible you may not need any additional coursework.

ED3000 will also orient you to the culture of Secondary Education and help you register for your MTLE Basic Skills Test, find your mentor and apply for the FasTrack PostBac Initiative.  This course is a three credit, rolling admission class, and runs for one month from the day of your registration-although many finish earlier.

Contents of ED3000:

·D2L Tutorial

·Transcript Review

·Why FasTrack?

·The Power of the Discussion Board

·Secondary Hire Statistics

·FasTrack PostBac Design and Hire stories with guests

·Digital Delivery Methodologies

·Why MTLE and TPA?

·Why Mentors?

·How to Apply to FasTrack PostBac.

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