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Be sure to join us for LIVE information sessions FasTrack PostBac Initiative

JOIN US - Mondays 6:00 pm.

Be sure to allow 15 minutes prior to load software.  There are no passwords and no registration needed.  Just click and begin!  (follow tutorial below)

Information Session Dates are on Mondays:

  • October 27
  • November 3
  • November 10
  • November 17
  • November 24
  • December 1

How to Join:

Here’s how to join this online “live” meeting…Follow the directions below:

LOG IN EARLY!  Start at 5:45.  You may have to download software.  You will use both the computer and your phone as it will give you a number to call for audio (please do not use the computer microphone or headphones as it creates feedback sloshing). 

Information Sessions - How to Join:

Click this link and Browse Meetings

Find and click the meeting that says:  "FasTrack and DLiTE Informational Meeting"

Two Items Needed:  1.) Computer  AND   2.) Phone

You will need a phone AND a computer to access this meeting.

1. For the video portion of the meeting you follow the link above to the meeting and join the meeting.

2. Next, you will enter your phone number when prompted so that Webex can call your phone which will provide your audio connection.

**  Since computer mics & Webex don't play well with each other, you may not use your computer for your audio connection, it will not work.

You should now be in!  Welcome!

LOG IN EARLY!  Start at 5:45.

* * * * * * * *

*ADDITIONAL INFORMATION RE: MAC USERS & WEBEX:  Webex doesn't work with Firefox. Mac users MUST use Chrome and must download a specific version of the meeting software.
I had problems with online orientation in September, so I early this morning I started to prepare for today's meeting.

I downloaded the mtg software linked from Webex test meeting. When it didn't work,  I called MNSCU support, who referred me to Webex. Their tech had me try Chrome. Still no luck. He then provided a URL to an uninstaller. I had to download it, uninstall, restart, then use the route above. The entire process took nearly 2 hrs. I was much faster on my desktop machine when I got home. Troubleshooting & diagnosis takes a lot of time.

The ONLY way for a Mac user to download the correct meeting software (per Webex support) is:

1. Follow the Webex meeting link Dr. B provided or go to


2. Choose: Meeting Center Tab>Support (L column)>Downloads> choose the correct one for your OS. Install once it downloads.

That got me part way into the meeting, I was stopped and had to do additional steps.

3. Install the Webex Addon. It ONLY works with Chrome. It will not work with Firefox.
4. Enter the meeting. Ta da!


Link to the uninstaller for Mac

If you have problems you can contact Lisa Schmitz:   Phone:  952-949-0059

WebEx will automatically setup Meeting Manager for Windows the first time you join a meeting. To save time, you can setup prior to the meeting by clicking this link:

The playback of UCF (Universal Communications Format) rich media files requires appropriate players. To view this type of rich media files in the meeting, please check whether you have the players installed on your computer by going to

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This WebEx service includes a feature that allows audio and any documents and other materials exchanged or viewed during the session to be recorded. By joining this session, you automatically consent to such recordings. If you do not consent to the recording, discuss your concerns with the meeting host prior to the start of the recording or do not join the session. Please note that any such recordings may be subject to discovery in the event of litigation.