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In the FasTrack PostBac Initiative you will experience a modified internship by working with a self-selected teacher mentor throughout the program.

One of the requirements to begin the program is You must find a practicing mentor who is currently teaching in your field of study BEFORE you are fully admitted to FasTrack PostBac.  View the Teacher Mentor Responsibilities and print a copy to give to your mentor.

Your mentor will receive $100 stipend per semester.  The time commitment will be 3-5 hours per month.  (Your Mentor must have a 5-year continuing education license with at least 3 years of fulltime teaching experience). The mentor is the most powerful aspect of our FasTrack PostBac design. Choose your mentor carefully. 

We have detailed the mentor information below to help you learn everything there is to know about the Teacher Mentor piece of the FasTrack PostBack Initiative.  Be sure to view the tutorial and pass along to your teacher mentor.


1.  Please take a moment to download and listen to the mentoring module.

This tutorial will give you information on what it means to be a mentor for both of our online programs,  Fastrack Post Bac Secondary Initiative and DLiTE Elementary Education Program. 

2.  A completed and signed Mentor Application is required for each student in our programs. This is the application form.  Please download this form, complete in full, sign, and obtain the signature from your principal.  Then scan and email (preferred) to the FasTrack PostBac Initiative at this address:

3.  Mentors are paid a $100 stipend each semester for each student they mentor.  This is the stipend form each mentor needs to complete and submit to receive their stipend each semester.  The form needs to be completed in FULL with ALL highlighted areas complete or they will not be able to pay you.  Then sign, date, and send the 1st of December and the 1st of May each year directly to:  (cannot be faxed or emailed, must be mailed for signature)

Bemidji State University,  Attn:  Angela Downey

FasTrack and DLiTE Mentor Expense Form

1500 Birchmont Dr. NE, Deputy Hall #4

Bemidji, MN 56601

(Failure to provide all information in the highlighted areas will cause delay and/or non-payment of stipend.  We do not back-pay stipends.)

4.  There will be times we need to contact you, please click this link to answer five quick questions to help us help you! 

You're Almost done.....

5.  So that we can help serve our mentors and provide the needed tools, we ask that you complete this short survey.

Thank you for mentoring our students, YOU make all the difference!!

Check out this inspiring video on why mentoring can be powerful!