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In the FasTrack PostBac Initiative you will experience a modified internship by working with a self-selected teacher mentor throughout the program.  One of the requirements to begin the program is You must find a practicing mentor who is currently teaching in your field of study BEFORE you are fully admitted to FasTrack PostBac.  View the Teacher Mentor Responsibilities and print a copy to give to your mentor.

Your mentor will receive $100 stipend per semester.  The time commitment will be 3-5 hours per month.  (Your Mentor must have a 5-year continuing education license with at least 3 years of fulltime teaching experience). The mentor is the most powerful aspect of our FasTrack PostBac design. Choose your mentor carefully. 

We have created a Mentor Module to help you learn everything there is to know about the Teacher Mentor piece of the FasTrack PostBack Initiative.  Be sure to view the tutorial and pass along to your teacher mentor.