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Student Testimonials:

FasTrack PostBac Secondary Initiative

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  Two and a half years ago I heard a radio ad that would change my career and my life. After calling and speaking with Dr. Bridges, I made the decision to return to college to become a teacher. With 13 children at home, and a full time job, I plugged away at my coursework, confident that one day it would all pay off. Fast forward to today and I am now a dually licensed, full time special education teacher, one semester away from my Masters Degree.  Completing Bemidji State's Fastrack program has been one of my greatest accomplishments. I graduated the program feeling fully prepared to be a great teacher.  I would invite your questions if you would like to speak to a newly completed FasTrack student.

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   After a decade as a journalist, I wanted to become a teacher. FasTrack offered the perfect way to make the transition. Classes were online, allowing me to substitute-teach during the day and study at night. I came to know fellow students and professors better than I ever did as an undergrad. The program involved applying what we learned in daily discussions, lesson plans, and practicum experiences with real students. The profs were amazing: rigorous, experienced, and provocative. If you want to be actively engaged in your learning, this is the way to go. I came out of FasTrack not just a better teacher, but a better person. And soon after getting my license, I got a full-time teaching job.  

  ~ Peter Scholtes, social studies teacher at Academic Arts High School, 2011-2013 

   Sarah grew up in Bellingham, MN (pop. 200) until she left home to attend Perpich Center for Arts Education, where she studied theater and graduated from high school.  With a BA in Theater and MFA in Acting she taught middle and high school theater classes and worked as a SPED paraprofessional.  In the winter of 2011, she began Bemidji State University's FasTrack Initiative, where she engaged in education coursework in order to earn her K-12 MN Teaching License in Theater Arts. While in FasTrack, Sarah was challenged by the rigor of the coursework as well as her professors and fellow classmates. She was thrilled to earn her full-time permanent teaching license thanks to the FasTrack Initiative. 2013-14 will mark Sarah’s 6th school year in Lionsgate Academy’s Theater and Drama classes. She also leads the Improvisation club, produces and directs the extracurricular plays in the fall and spring and thrives on sharing her passion for theater with the LGA students and families.

~  Sarah Wojciechowski-Prill

   Hello, I’m Brett Cease, a 2012 Graduate of BSU’s FasTrack Initiative and a first year social studies instructor here at Voyageurs Expeditionary High School in Bemidji, MN.  Among the many areas of professional growth that FasTrack helped nurture within my educational development was its emphasis on 21st century and Web 2.0 technology skills.  I made a video focusing on the highlights of technology literacy  for your view.  Thanks to innovative professors, virtually every course I took throughout the program was embedded with online programs, tools, and resources to help extend and enhance learning from inside to outside of the classroom.  Especially as a social studies educator, I have benefited deeply from being able to connect my students in world geography and history with resources like GoogleEarth, Socrative, Wikis & Blogs, Khan Academy, Prezis, and the list continues to go on and on...  To further help, I'd like to share a very important tip for success in the FasTrack Initiative, view here!  

And in closing, I offer a few recommendations for how to stand out and get hired!  A tip for getting hired after completing the program is to find ways to capitalize on the unique strengths you will bring to the teaching position. Whether it's the technological literacy you gained through the program's projects, the volunteer hours you've put in to causes connected to the classroom, or finding a school that aligns with the values you bring to education through their school philosophy, make sure to highlight all that you already confidently possess and can share with any learning community.

~   Brett Cease  2012 FasTrack Graduate





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