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Graduate Assistantships

General Information

Students who need assistance in funding their graduate education should consider the possibility of a graduate assistantship.  

  • Assistantships are financed out of the general University budget, department funds, or external grants, which could affect student loan eligibility.  Students seeking need-based loans from the University's financial aid office for additional costs may find the total amount they can borrow reduced by the tuition assistance of their graduate assistantship.
  • While the School of Graduate Studies designates that 6 graduate credit hours per semester is a full-time load for graduate assistants, the Financial Aid office recognizes that federal loans are based on a load of 9 graduate credit hours per semester.  If GA's wish to receive financial assistance beyond a graduate assistantship, they will need to complete nine (9) credit hours per semester for a full-time load and no less than (5) credit hours per semester for a half-time load to remain eligible for additional financial aid. GAs are encouraged to contact the Financial Aid Office directly for complete information.

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