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How to Apply for a Graduate Assistantship

Applicants must apply directly to the department or program chair (see list below) for a graduate assistantship. Application materials must include:

1.  a cover letter clearly indicating the applicant's intentions,

2.  a current resume,

3.  three recommendation letters,

4.  and unofficial transcripts.

All graduate assistantship appointments are subject to the approval of the College Dean and Director, School of Graduate Studies. All applicants for a graduate assistantship are required to be admitted into a BSU master's degree program.


  • Special Education / Professional Education
    Dr. Timothy Goodwin (Interim Chair), Education Art, #35
  • English
    Dr. Larry Swain, Chair, Hagg Sauer, #23
  • Biology
    Dr. Elizabeth Rave, Chair, Sattgast, #27
  • Environmental Studies
    Dr. Tim Kroeger, Chair, Sattgast, #27
  • Mathematics
    Dr. Derek Webb, Chair, Hagg Sauer, #23
  • A.C. Library
    Dianne Narum, Library Sciences, #28
  • Center for Professional Development
    Carol Nielsen, Hagg Sauer, #23

  • Athletics
    Dr. Tracy Gill, Athletic Director, #29
  • Graduate Studies
    Joan Miller, Deputy Hall 111, #48
  • First Year Experience/Advising Success Center
    Zach Johnson, Sanford Hall, #44
  • Student Center for Health and Counseling
    Barb Eriksson-Capes, Birch, #30

Name of Contact Person, Name of Department
Bemidji State University
1500 Birchmont Drive NE, # (# listed above)
Bemidji, MN, 56601-2699