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Health & Counseling Services

BSU maintains an on-campus health service facility for its students.  The BSU Student Health Service (SHS) operates to provide quality, confidential, accessible, low cost health care and health education to BSU students so that students may realize, to the fullest, the opportunities afforded by the University.  The Health Services office is located on the 1st floor of Cedar Hall, across from Walnut Hall, on Birchmont Drive. 


During fall and spring semesters, the Student Health Service is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. The SHS is not open during holidays or when classes are not in session. During the summer months, hours are posted on the SHS door and are available at the cashier's office.

After Hours / Weekends
Students requiring emergency medical treatment after Student Health Service hours and on weekends are advised to go to the emergency room at North Country Regional Hospital, 1100 W. 38th Street (218-759-5595). Students will be responsible for payment of medical or emergency room fees not covered by their insurance.


Any student who is registered for at least one class at BSU and has paid student fees to BSU has the privilege of using the Student Health Service facilities. SHS does not provide care for dependents of students or for faculty and staff members.


In the interest of providing better medical service and avoiding long waiting periods for the students, the Student Health Service functions on an appointment system. Students are urged to call (218-755-2053) in advance unless it is an emergency. Urgent care (walk-ins) will be accommodated as time allows.

Confidential Records

All medical records are strictly confidential and no individuals other than the Student Health Service personnel will have access to them. Provided that a written consent has been obtained from a student, SHS will supply any other physician with medical information about the student.  If you wish to have your medical records transferred, you may complete a Release of Information form. Call 218-755-2053 for further information.


Some services are available at no cost; others are available at a very reasonable fee. There is often no charge for a consultation with a nurse practitioner or a physician; however, if students have procedures done which utilize equipment, receive medication, or have lab work done, there is a charge. Costs for prescription medication and laboratory work done at the Student Health Service are very reasonable.

Charges incurred at the SHS do not have to be paid at the time of the visit. The charges will be sent to the Cashier's Office, and you will be billed from the Cashier's Office within several weeks. Payment is made at the Cashier's Office in Deputy Hall. If the bill is not paid, you may not be allowed to register for the next semester and/or may not receive grades until the charges are cleared. 


Referrals are done by the BSU Student Health Service in certain circumstances, i.e. x-rays and other procedures, as well as evaluations by specialists. In these cases, responsibility for payment belongs to the student. SHS does not provide dental care or eye examinations for students but will make referrals as needed.

Student Insurance

MnSCU has decided to no longer offer health insurance for domestic students for the 2014-2015 academic year.  The current plan will expire on August 14th 2014. For more information, visit the Student Health and Counseling Services website.

For more details on services provided, please see the Student Health Services website, or call 218-755-2053.

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