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Campus Lockers

All students may access on-campus lockers during the academic year and summer sessions free of charge. 
Lockers are located throughout campus:

  • The hallway/tunnels near Benson Hall and between the library and the Upper Union
  • Hagg-Sauer Hall, 2nd floor, near the skyway to Bridgeman Hall
  • Sattgast Hall, 2nd floor, tunnel between Sattgast and Memorial

During the Academic Year

In order to use on-campus lockers, students must first reserve a locker by contacting the HMU Information desk (located on the second floor of Hobson Memorial, 218-755-3760) with the locker number in order to verify that it is not currently in use.  Students may sign out a locker each academic year for the entire year; otherwise, lockers are cleared out on a semester basis.  Notices are posted on the students' lockers, reminding them that they must clear out their lockers at the end of each semester unless they have signed out the locker for the entire year.  Students have two weeks after the end of a semester to remove the lock and empty out their belongings before the locks are cut. 

Summer Sessions

Any locker that is signed out during summer sessions is considered signed out for the entire summer.  All regulations that apply to lockers during the academic year also apply during summer session with the exception that, should a student know that they will be attending school the following academic year, they may sign out their locker for the entire year.

Distance Learners and Temporary Usage

Students who do not need a locker for an entire semester may access temporary lockers in the A. C. Clark Library.  Library lockers are located near the main doors beside the copier machines.  While the lockers are free, their mechanism is coin operated.  Students must deposit a quarter to access the locker and receive a locker key.  Once the key is returned, the quarter will be returned.  Temporary lockers are generally designated for hourly or daily use; they are not for long-term storage or overnight use.  Students who foresee the need for a locker longer than the general designation should reserve a campus locker through HMU.  The library would like to remind students to never leave valuables unattended, particularly purses or wallets, laptop computers, cellular phones, or expensive textbooks.

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