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Front Matter Templates

These templates are provided for your convenience in properly formatting your research paper/thesis.  The use of templates is not mandatory, but it may assist you in ensuring that your final product meets the formatting requirements of the School of Graduate Studies.  Please contact our office if you experience any difficulties. 

All students should use the Handbook for the Preparation of the Thesis or Research Paper in order to correctly format their papers/projects and should supplement with other specialized handbooks that may come from their departments or are available online.

Notice to APA Users

All students admitted Fall 2010 and after MUST use the APA Manual 6th Edition.  Students admitted before Fall 2010 may choose between the APA Manual 5th Edition and APA Manual 6th Edition.  For ease of use, 5th Edition templates are now separated from 6th Edition templates. 

Proposal Templates

APA 6th Edition - Proposal Template

APA 5th Edition Users

 Master of Science

Master of Education - MEd

 APA 6th Edition Users

 Master of Science

Master of Education - MEd

Master of Special Education - MSPED

 Master of Arts - MLA