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Instructions for Admission to Candidacy

The purpose of the application for candidacy is to insure the student is a qualified candidate for a Master's degree program and to set forth those courses to be included in the program of study.

  • Requirements for Admission to Candidacy:
    All candidates are required to have satisfied any conditions attached to their admission and have achieved a minimum cumulative grade point average of at least a 3.00 (B) for course work attempted. In addition, a candidate may be required to pass a departmental/program qualifying examination.
  • Application for Admission to Candidacy:
    The student must submit an Application for Candidacy upon the completion of thirteen-sixteen (13-16) graduate level semester credits. It is the student's responsibility to initiate contact with the advisor for the purpose of applying for candidacy, designing a plan of study, and (where appropriate) forming an advisory committee.
  • Residency Requirements:
    The Master's degree requires that a minimum of at least twenty (20) semester hours must be completed "in residence" at Bemidji State University. The purpose of residency is to establish a minimum period of time at the degree granting institution to allow for the proper evaluation of degree criteria.
  • Transfer Credit:
    All graduate credits earned at a regionally accredited college or university should be transferred prior to admission to candidacy. A letter grade should normally accompany each course to be transferred. The Master's Degree Program guidelines state that a maximum of ten (10) semester credits (or the equivalent) may be considered in transfer. All course work must have been completed within seven years of the anticipated date of graduation.
  • Institutes and Workshops:
    A maximum of five (5) semester credits of workshop/institute courses numbered 5950 (or equivalent when transferred) may be included in a program of study

Form 2 - Application For Admission to Candidacy

The Application for Admission to Candidacy Form must be signed by the advisor, dept chair, and college dean before submitting to the School of Graduate Studies.