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Apart from degree programs, students have the option to pursue course work that will enable them to acquire certain licensures and certificates.  Students interested in pursuing any of the following licensures or certificates should contact the associated representative.

NOTE: All students enrolled in any education licensure program MUST have a Task Stream account. Students can purchase the Task Stream account at the BSU Bookstore or online directly from Task Stream.

For questions concerning the Special Education Licensure programs, please contact the Program Coordinator:

Dr. Janne Lillestol
Professor, Professional Education Dept; 218-755-3734


Alert! Major Changes Coming to the BSU Special Education Licensure Program!

The MN Board of Teaching (BOT) has approved new standards for special education licensure and has directed all teaching institutions that offer special education teacher licensure programs to revise their programs to include the new standards by January 1, 2013. Any courses taken towards licensure after that date will have the new standards embedded.

If you are working towards special education licensure, these changes will impact your program.  If you are enrolled in the BSU Special Education Licensure program, you should apply for licensure under the current standards. That means you are encouraged to be done with all coursework by the end of Summer Session 2014.  If you are not able to apply for your license by August 31, 2014 (this includes having passed the MTLE sp ed  test), please review your licensure program with your Advisor. 

For questions or clarifications about this alert, please call BSU Professional Education Department at 218-755-3734.