An electronic newsletter from the BSU School of Graduate Studies

Vol. 3, No. 3

August 2006


The Process

Registration: Grad classes

Starting the count of seven years to complete a degree

Form 1: Applying for admission to graduate studies

Completing 13-16 graduate credits after admission

Form 2: Applying for candidacy in a graduate degree program

Taking the written exam at the end of course work

Form 3: Proposing a research paper or thesis

Doing the work and writing the results

Form 4: Applying for graduation

Submitting the research paper or thesis for review

Form 5: Scheduling the oral examination

Defending your graduate work



This month . . .

·      The Process in Review:

 Form 3 and Paper, Getting Help, Form 4 and Vita

·      Introducing the New Interim Dean

·       Q&A: Question of the month?



The Process: Form 3 and Thesis/Research Paper


 Form 3: Write your research proposal per guidelines of your department or program. Fill out Form_3, obtain signatures from your committee members, and submit the form to the School of Graduate Studies.

Thesis/Research Paper: Start to prepare your thesis/paper both with the guidance by your committee and according to the Handbook for the Preparation of the Thesis or Research Paper.

The thesis demonstrates your ability to work independently and gives evidence of independent thought in perceiving problems and making satisfactory progress toward their solution.










The Process: Getting Help with Your Thesis/Research Paper


Primary Authorities

1. The Handbook for the Preparation of the Thesis or Research Paper, from the School of Graduate Studies at Bemidji State University.

2. Your graduate department or program’s style manual. Those most used at BSU:

·    Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), 5th ed.

·    MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, 6th ed. (used by English Dept)

Reviewers: Submit the first draft of your thesis or research paper to your advisor for review of content and format. After making changes, submit the final draft to your other committee members for review of content and format.

After making any further changes, submit the approved final draft to the School of Graduate Studies for review of format. Any final changes should be correcting minor format errors.

Note: The handbook and applicable style manual will guide you in format, grammar, sentence structure, and other stylistic matters.

ü     In the Handbook, note particularly page 8 (Page Sequence) and Appendix A (Sample Front Matter Pages); both a thesis and a research paper will have chapters.

ü     In the APA manual, note particularly Chapter 6 (Students tab), Chapter 3 (APA Editorial Style), and Chapter 4 (Refs tab).

ü     In the MLA handbook, note particularly Chapter 3 (The Mechanics of Writing), Chapter 6 (Citing Sources), and Chapter 5 (List of Works Cited).





Q&A: Transferring Credits?

Q: What do I need to know if I want to transfer credits?

A: Transferring credits for a Masters degree is possible, but there are some guidelines to think about.


Transfer Credits:

1. Provide your advisor with a course description to seek approval for transferring credits. (Final approval is made by the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies.)

2. Students may transfer up to 10 credits for one program.

3. Credits must be from courses within the last 7 years.

4. Credits must have an associated letter grade.

5. If a student is planning to enroll elsewhere and transfer a class while pursuing a graduate degree at BSU, they must seek pre-approval from their advisor.







We would love to receive your comments or answer your questions. 


If you have a question, or you think you have valuable information to post for other students, please feel free to contact us at or contact Patty Stroebel directly at













                                           The Process: Form 4 and Curriculum Vita


Form 4: After Form 3 is approved, you receive Form 4, Application_for_Graduation. Submit the form, the curriculum vita sheet, and a non-refundable $10 graduation fee to the School of Graduate Studies no later than the first week of the semester in which you plan to graduate.

·   Graduate faculty representative – Leave blank; assigned by School of Graduate Studies.

·   Summer graduation If you plan to participate in spring Commencement ceremonies in May, apply by April 1.


Curriculum Vita: This must have a precise listing of all courses to be used in fulfillment of your master's degree program. Examples are online at the Graduate_Forms link.

School of Graduate Studies Information provided to the School of Graduate Studies will be incomplete; scheduling the oral exam and assigning the graduate faculty representative are done later.

Oral Examination Committee – Before the oral exam, the School of Graduate Studies does a preliminary review of coursework completed. Subsequently, the candidate provides the committee with a completed curriculum vita.

Final Thesis/Research Paper – Once you have completed your Oral examination and secured all signatures from your committee members, turn in the final copy of your Thesis/Research Paper to the School of Graduate Studies.

 Paper – 2 credits. Submit one original copy to the School of Graduate Studies.

Thesis – 4-6 credits. Submit one original copy and an additional photocopy to the School of Graduate Studies.













~Introducing our new Interim Dean~


Carol Nielsen, originally from the Business Administration Department, has just become our new Interim Dean for the School of Graduate Studies for the 2006-2007 school year. 


Carol has worked at BSU for the past 21 years.  She has previous experience as a lawyer and received her Juris Doctorate at the William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul, MN.  She is excited to pursue this new opportunity, and we are happy to have her. 


When asked why she was interested in the position, she said, “The former Dean Martin Tadlock had a wonderful approach to students, staff and faculty and gave people the opportunity to try new things.  I would like to support the Graduate School students, faculty and staff grow and meet their goals.”


The position of Interim Dean has a commitment of one year.  It is a temporary position, while the University seeks a new dean.


When asked what she would like to say to the Graduate Student community as the new Interim Dean, she replied with this open invitation:


“Feel free to set up an appointment or send an e-mail to me at any time, whether you have a concern or just want to visit.  I would be glad to see you.” 


For current forms and information, go to and select the Graduate_Forms link.

We want to make grad_com useful for you. Let us know what you would like to see on these pages by contacting the School of Graduate Studies, Decker Hall 110, 218-755-2027 (toll-free: 1-888-386-8464),