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Vol. 2, No. 3

November 2005


The Process

Form 1: Applying for admission to graduate studies

Starting the count of seven years to complete the degree

Form 2: Applying for candidacy in a graduate degree program

Taking the written exam at the end of course work

Form 3: Proposing a research paper or thesis

Doing the work and writing the results

Form 4: Applying for graduation

Submitting the research paper or thesis for review

Form 5: Scheduling the oral examination

Defending your graduate work




Q&A: How About the Tunnels?

Q: Can I get about campus in the tunnels without going outside?

A: Yes and no. Some buildings are not connected, and sometimes the easiest route between two buildings is outside.

Tunnel networks:

1. Most of the dorms, Walnut Hall, and the PE and fitness complex

2. The Linden-Decker-Birch Hall trio, and most of the academic and administrative buildings

Outside trips:

·    Between networks (Tamarack and Linden Halls)

·    Buildings isolated by the renovation of Bridgeman Hall (Hagg-Sauer Hall and CAET)

·    Unconnected buildings (e.g. American Indian Resource Center and David Park House)

For a tour, contact Anne at the School of Graduate Studies.


This month . . .

·      APA and MLA: Write in Style

·      The Process: Form 2 and Program Plan

·      Q&A: How About the Tunnels?

APA and MLA: Write in Style

Are you waiting until your research paper or thesis to wade (or drown) through the details of the proper writing style? Begin early and learn the right strokes for your program’s folks!

Which style? Your program or department specifies which writing style to use, and two style manuals are most commonly used: the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), 5th edition, and the Modern Language Association of America’s MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, 6th edition.

APA: Education, Industrial Technology, Mathematics, Sport Studies (Physical Education)

APA or MLA: English (ask your advisor), Science (see the catalog)

Journal format: Biology, Environmental Studies

Key sections:

APA – First, check out Chapter 6, Students, especially pages 321-326, for a frame of reference. Then dig into Chapter 3 for style and Chapter 4 for references.

·    Chapter 3: Tabbed sections – Quotes, Numbers, Stats, Tables, and Figures; text headings, see pages 111-115; reference citations in text, see pages 207-214.

·    Chapter 4: General information – pages 215-231; a list of the types of references and the location of examples – start on page 232.

MLA – Refer to Chapter 3 for the mechanics of writing, Chapter 4 for format, Chapter 6 for citing sources in text, and Chapter 5 for the List of Works Cited.

Availability. Both style manuals are available in the BSU Bookstore. Because the APA manual is used by many departments, it is treated like a textbook and available in various sections of the textbook shelves. Also, like the textbooks, manuals may not be available toward the end of fall semester. On the other hand, the MLA manual is available in the bookstore’s Reference shelves.


The Process: Form 2 and Program Plan

Preliminaries: Plan your progress through graduate studies, conferring with your advisor(s) to be sure you are meeting program or department requirements.

Form 2: After admission into a specific degree program and completion of 13-16 graduate-level credits, you will need to apply for candidacy and submit a formal program plan to your academic advisor. If you are pursuing more than one degree or program, complete separate applications for each.

Program Plan: On page 2 of Form 2, list all the courses you have completed and you plan to take to satisfy degree requirements. Include transfer credits gained within seven years prior to your anticipated graduation date. Submit Form 2 for approval to your advisor, the program or department chair, and the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies.

Changes: If you need to make changes to your program plan (such as substitutions for required program courses), fill out Form 6, Graduate Petition, and submit it for approval to your advisor, the program or department chair, and the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies. More than three non-elective courses, or six credits, in substitutions to the approved program require a revised second set of candidacy plans.

For current forms and information, go to and select the Graduate Forms link.


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