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Zero Credit Registration

Effective Fall 2006, ALL graduate students who have been officially admitted into a graduate program or have graduate special student status at Bemidji State University will be required to register every fall, spring, and summer term in order to maintain active status in graduate studies. If a graduate student will not be registering for any other credit-bearing course, he/she will need to register for UNIV 6000.

Maintaining active status is critical and required in order to participate in the University community as a graduate student. This includes taking examinations, submitting forms, or library usage. A graduate student who has been admitted into a specific graduate program who does not register every fall, spring, or summer term is considered to have withdrawn. To re-activate their program, he/she will need to contact their academic advisor and petition to be re-instated into the program. Graduate Special students will need to contact the Graduate Studies Office.

UNIV 6000 is a zero-credit, zero-fee, non-graded registration option. Graduate students can register for UNIV 6000 online. No special permission numbers or overrides are required. No student fees will be assessed. All University registration deadlines apply. Please note: A graduate student should register for UNIV 6000 ONLY those terms (fall, spring, summer) in which he/she does not have to be registered for any reason other than to meet the Graduate Studies' requirement to maintain active status. UNIV 6000 does not meet any other internal/ external departmental or agency requirements. Do NOT register for UNIV 6000 if you must be registered to hold an assistantship, maintain legal visa status, defer loans, receive financial aid, or for any reason other than to maintain active status.

Restrictions to UNIV 6000 registration: The Graduate Studies office does not restrict the number of terms for which a student may register for UNIV 6000 nor does it impose any eligibility requirements other than those described previously. However, individual programs may establish their own criteria and are strongly encouraged to monitor their students' use of UNIV 6000. A graduate student is currently allowed a 7-year limit, from start to finish, for the completion of their graduate degree.

Monitoring UNIV 6000 registrations: The Graduate Studies office will provide a UNIV 6000 registration report every fall, spring and summer to the Department Chair/Graduate Coordinator. Student names and the number of times they registered for UNIV 6000 will appear on this report. If the student exceeds his/her graduate program's limits for UNIV 6000 registrations, the department can submit a written request to have the Graduate Studies office place a hold on the student's record.

UNIV 6000 will not appear on the student transcript.