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Health and Counseling Services & Health Insurance

For any student, undergraduate or graduate, staying healthy is important...though not always possible.  Bemidji State University networks to help provide its students with health services and an option for health insurance.  Nobody wants to think about a final exam when they are combating a cold and doctor bills.

Health Services

BSU maintains an on-campus health service facility for all students.  The BSU Student Health Service (SHS) operates to provide quality, confidential, accessible, low cost health care and health education to BSU students so that students may realize, to the fullest, the opportunities afforded by the University.

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center offers you a unique opportunity to gain personal awareness and develop skills that will not only aid you in becoming the most successful student you can be, but also the most successful person and community member you can be.  For more details, please see the BSU Counseling Services website, or call 218-755-2024. 

For counseling services after office hours, call the Community Crisis Line (1-800-422-0045), or if there is an emergency, call BSU Security (218-755-3888).

Student Health Insurance

Health Insurance coverage is required for all students enrolled in six or more credits taking on-campus classes at Bemidji State University. This includes graduate students completing course work on campus.  By requiring students to have health plan coverage, the University ensures all students have access to medical and mental health care and can maintain good health, which is essential for academic success.

The following insurance companies are on the list of those that can be billed through the SCHC:  BCBS, Medica, Preferred One, Health Partners, United Healthcare StudentResources, Prime West, UCare and MN CareAny charges not covered by insurance will be the responsibility of the student incurring the charge.

Graduate students who do not have health insurance coverage are eligible for student insurance through the Minnesota State University Student Health Plan.  Information about the plan may be obtained through the Cashier's Office in Deputy Hall or at UnitedHealth Group, Inc.

If you do not indicate that you have insurance coverage, the fee for the United Healthcare Student Resources will be placed on your statement.  Coverage will go into effect when the fee is paid in full.  For more information about the plan, see, click on “Find My Schools Plan” link and follow the online instructions or call 888-251-6243. 

For questions or to enroll in the plan, contact the Student Center for Health & Counseling (SCHC) Insurance Office at 218-755-4013, or go to: