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Archives 1984 - 1987


  • Ehrmann, Andrew. The Amassing Harmony: The Development of the Imagination and Reality in the Poetry of Wallace Stevens. Advisor: Field, M.
  • Williams, Denise. An Examination of the Downfall of the Shah of Iran. August 17, 1984. Advisor: Jensen, R.


  • Bell, Carol. The Foundation of the Calculus and the Controversy that Resulted Over the Newton-Leibniz Claim to Priority. Advisor: Knoshaug, I.
  • Foley, Mark. Nutristudy. May, 1985. Advisor: Evans, G.
  • Helmuth, Wanda. Individuality in Styles of Learning. August 16, 1985. Advisor: Austad, C.
  • Heng, Marcia. Microcomputers in the Elementary School.
  • Holgate, Ronalee. An Assessment of Academic Advising. May 13, 1985.


  • Brand, Danny. Schistosomiasis and Water Projects: Problems and Solutions. April, 1986. Advisor: Spigarelli, S.
  • Graham, Timothy. Writing Back, The Rise of the Conservative Student Newspaper Movement in the United States. Advisor: Field, M.


  • Debilzen, Don. Conjoint Measurement: A Revolution in Marketing Research. August 26, 1987.
  • Grout, Gordon. Apple Tutor, Entermods and Tutorial. May, 1987. Advisor: Richards, J.
  • Hanson, Thomas. Character Recognition: A Practical Project and Discussion. May 18, 1987.
  • Novak, Linda. Stabilization of Dewar Pyridine. Advisor: Evans, G.
  • Podany, Paul. Language Acquistion. May 12, 1987.
  • Storms, Roxann. The Weavers: Portrait of an Appalachian Family. Spring, 1987.
  • Wolfe, Marilyn. The Dislocated Worker as Student: Problems, Programs and Recruitment. August, 1987. Advisor: Austad, C.