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Archives 1988 - 1990


  • Bradbury, Boyd. An Evaluation of the War Making Power of the President. Advisor: Schnabel, G.
  • Fremgen, Frederick. Deterrence and the Strategic Defense Initiative. February 18, 1988. Advisor: Schnabel, G.
  • Kraft, Margaret A. Gifted and Creative Education. August 12, 1988. Advisor: Wenger, L.


  • Anderson, J. Reed. Proudhon's Mutualist Anarachism: A Natural Right to Liberty. Advisor: Christensen.
  • Camrud, Ann Haugo. S.C.O.P.E. (Students' Community Outreach Project, Etc.). May 1, 1989. Advisor: McDonald.
  • Denzin, Brenda. Coffee Consumption and Its Effects on Serum Cholesterol. Advisor: Evans, G.
  • Lundquist, David. The Myth of Christian Fundamentalism. Advisor: Knodel, B.
  • McKinzie, Sanna. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome: Activated T-cell Linked Conditions Theory. Advisor: Hazard, E.
  • Mohler, Kathryn. Investigating the Short Story: A Critical Analysis of Creative Works. Advisor: Weaver, W.
  • Mohror, Keri. An Analysis of the Wakefield Noah's Wife: Antifeminism and Beyond. February 25, 1989. Advisor: Evans, D.
  • Sanborn, Leticia. S.C.O.P.E. (Students' Community Outreach Project, Etc.). May 1, 1989. Advisor: McDonald.
  • Wambheim, Bruce. The Origins of Russian Economic Development. August 18, 1989. Advisor: Johnson, L.


  • Braithwaite, Graeme. Women in Policing. February 23, 1990. Advisor: Witt.
  • Gillman, Linda. Shoplifting: A Study of Motivation and Behavior. June 4, 1990. Advisor: Weir, B.
  • Glenn, Malcolm. Huckleberry Finn and the Twentieth Century: Censorship, Freedom, and Social Responsibility. Winter, 1989-90. Advisor: Christensen.
  • Hager, Dwight. Vitamin and Mineral Influences on Blood Chemistries and Hematology. Advisor: Hazard, E.
  • Hilliard, Darrell. Mathematics at the University of Gottingen (not in files). Advisor: Knoshaug, I.
  • Johnson, Barbara. Observations of the Outside World: A Study in Creative Fiction. Spring, 1990. Advisor: Weaver, W..
  • Mosteller, Patricia A. J. A Study of the Longevity of Client Participation in the North Country Elderly Day Care Program. Advisor: Lee, R.