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Archives 1991 - 1992


  • Abbott, Andrea. Adult Capacity for Intimacy as a Function of Attachment Style. Advisor: Bennett, R.
  • Beattie, Danae J. Performance on Self-Rating and Recognition Tasks as a Function of Curation and Severity of Depressive Episode.
  • Danks, Amy. The Applicability of the Sieve of Erastothenes in Modern Times. May 1, 1991.
  • Hanson, Sandra J. Financing Social Security Benefits in the Next Century: Is There an Equitable Solution? Advisor: Welle, P.
  • Landberg, Michael. Bridgeman Hall: Research for Improvement. May, 1991. Advisor: McCracken, J.
  • Rieger, Amy K. Portrait of a Pioneer Woman--The Rosa Rieger Story. May 21, 1991. Advisor: Lee, A.
  • Riipinen, Kristin. Rock 'N' Roll: The Music Culture of Protest and Rebellion. May, 1991. Advisor: Riley, P.
  • St. Martin, Brian Keith. Sir Thomas More and John Henry Cardinal Newman: The Catholicity of Two Men. February 19, 1991. Advisor: Schnabel, G.
  • Weidlein, Kristi. Bells to Ashes: A Study of Literary Approaches to the Holocaust. April 29, 1991. Advisor: Knodel.
  • Wickwire, Patrick. Lincoln and Equality. Advisor: Schnabel, G.


  • Fink, Gina M. Courtly Love and the Image of the Bower. August 27, 1992. Advisor: Crocker, K.
  • Fredin, Kristin. Programming for Students Older Than Average., June 28, 1992. Advisor: Blanchard, L.
  • Jelle, Michelle. Baptism (creative thesis). April 20, 1992. Advisor: Russell, C.
  • Jensen, Donna A. Misplaced Pieces to the Puzzle of Vietnam. February 27, 1992. Advisor: Jensen, R.
  • Larson, Melissa. Developing a Core Curriculum for Secondary Education in Minnesota. February 13, 1992. Advisor: Austad, C.
  • Phua, Su. OSHA Root Extract Decreases the Growth Rate of C3H10T1/2 Fibroblast Cells. Advisor: Lindgren, A.
  • Ries, Kelly. Music in the Development of the Preschool Child. February, 1992. Advisor: Reilly, A.
  • Savage, Fallon. A Study of Counseling Techniques Regarding Pregnancy and its Options by Birthright, Inc., (not in files). Advisor: Hazard, E.
  • Seikkinen, Thomas. The Morality Plays: The Evil influence. May 21, 1992. Advisor: Field, M.
  • Wolfbauer, Michael. The Examination of an Element's Characteristics in Super Heated Metals. August 24, 1992. Advisor: Annexstad, J.
  • Young, Lisa K. Comparing the Motivational Aspects of Reading in the Whole Language Approach vs. the Traditional Basal Approach.